We are

We are a team of professional consultants focused on organizational and people development.

We help our clients on their transition from what they are to what they can become.

We believe that our most distinctive characteristic is that we work with the heart of the people in the organization core.

We are convinced of the influence not only of models and systems, but also of the way and personal style of whoever implements them.

The group

We form a team that shares a vision, that has faced challenges of a very diverse nature and has been deeply moved by them.

We provide the flexibility of a network which is organized around the uniqueness of each project.

We are commited with our own personal growth. Optimism, joy, and humor are also part of our work.

We personalize our interventions with the author’s signature.

Ideas and concerns

In addition to organization and psychologial theories, we incorporate knowledge from other disciplines – such as Physics, Biology, Anthropology, Philosophy and Art – that help us unterstand organizational and human processes. We are not eclectic, we want to integrate, to remain with an open mind in order to understand better and to question our work and methods.

We learn and we share what we find motivating and exciting.